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2009-09-07 15:36:27 by williamspindle

for some reason i do not get any exp when i write a post could someone tell me how this could happen and how i could fix it


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2009-09-07 16:43:44

You get EXP by voting on 5 different flash submissions per day. You can still gain EXP from the same submissions you voted on the previous days on later days but EXP is limited to 10/day. EXP is gained automatically after voting on 5 submissions and you see a counter of how many votes are left until you get your experience. (Votes/day are not limited, unless you vote onevery submission in the portal in one day)

Although you didn´t ask I´ll describe blam/protect points. To get a blam point you need to vote 0 or 1 on one of the purple flash in the most recent flash in the portal, to get a save point it´s the same except you need to vote 2-5 to get one.

Also, beware of spammers. If you find a flash that is obviously made shitty with the purpose of being shitty and annoy simply ignore it. Spammers live on negative attention.

If you ever get any other issues, check the faq (http://www.newgrounds.com/lit/faq/) and if you still don´t find any answer ask in the forums.